Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Comments That Make a Game Warden Cringe

I can't speak for all game wardens, but here is a list of things people say to me on a fairly regular basis that drive me batty. Unlike my previous top 10 list (see: 10 Things I Secretly Enjoy Saying to Violators), this list contains responses that I would get great pleasure from saying, but for fear of a complaint to the governor's office, refrain from doing so. I'm really not quite as bitter as some of these sound...(and no offense to anyone actually named Billy Bob).

10. Billy Bob: "I was going to be a DNR, but decided not to."
What I want to say: "Really Billy? I've never heard of anyone aspiring to be a governmental agency before. Maybe you should look into becoming a Department of Human Services instead. I hear they are looking for more of those."

9. Billy Bob: "Since when do they give you guys guns? Do you use them to shoot animals or something?"

What I want to say: "No, Billy. Actually we save most of our bullets to shoot people. It is kind of a dangerous job considering that every Billy Bob we run into is carrying a shotgun, handgun, rifle or knife (or more likely, all of the above plus a six pack). Thanks for asking though."

8. Billy Bob: "There is no sign saying I can't do that."

What I want to say: "Billy, there aren't enough signs in the world to keep you from doing something as stupid as this. Here's your sign Billy-just carry it around with you."

7. Billy Bob: "You have the best job in the world. All you have to do is drive around in a boat all day."

What I want to say: "Billy, it's 95 degrees today-why don't you take my bullet-proof vest for a while, my 15 pound duty belt, and my polyester shirt. Oh yeah, and give me your beer. Let's see who has more fun."

6. Billy Bob: "I'm just calling because I set a live trap and caught a skunk in it. Just wondering when you will be able to come and take care of it."

What I want to say: "Billy- did I tell you to set a live trap? No. Did I tell you that I would come and release whatever you caught? No I did not. Here is a piece of advice though, another game warden told me that if you dress completely in camo and approach very slowly you will be perfectly fine. Give me a call back and let me know how it goes."

5. Billy Bob: "My friends and I are drinking a few beers and we got to arguing about whether or not you can party hunt pheasants. My friends say no and I say yes- thought I'd call so you can tell them they are wrong."

What I want to say: "Billy, it is 2:00 am, I'll look it up after I wake up and call you back. What is your phone number?"  2:00 am the next morning: "Billy, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The answer is no."

4. Billy Bob: "Just calling to let you know I rescued a fawn. It's mother abandoned it so I brought it in the house a couple days ago to protect it from the dogs. Any idea what I should feed it?"

What I want to say: "Billy, just because you did not see the mother does not mean that it was abandoned, and you probably just ruined her day by kidnapping her baby. And by the way, congratulations- you probably just signed its death certificate."

3. Billy Bob to his son, Junior in a stage whisper: "Junior, you be good now and eat your cheeseburger or I am going to call her over here to arrest you.  But just don't tell her about the deer we rifled last night."

What I want to say: "Billy, this was not funny the first 6789543 times I heard it while eating in a restaurant, and it isn't funny this time either. Be more creative."

2. Billy Bob: "I know my son Junior and he would not do something as stupid as that. I raised him to hunt by the rules. You got the wrong kid."

What I want to say: "Billy, the apple apparently doesn't fall far from the tree. Your son is a little smart-mouthed, disrespectful shit who needs to learn his lesson. Unfortunately I'm the only one willing to teach it to him."

1. Billy Bob: "I pay taxes and I pay your salary. I'll have your job!"

What I want to say: "Actually Billy, since I caught you taking a buck out of season with no license, you actually DON'T pay my salary. I'm paid through hunting and fishing license fees, not taxes. So buy a license and then come and talk to me. Oh, and I think after your employer sees your name in the paper, it is more likely that I'll have your job."


  1. When a good citizen told me that they "pay my salary", I always asked for a raise or the famous, I know Chief X, I'd say, Who? Fun times...I do miss it...NOT!

  2. Priceless...thanks for the laugh!

  3. My favorite is #9 . . . why do they give you guys guns anyway?!?!

    Kidding, list had me LMAO.

  4. I never even thought about asking for a raise...I like that! They might not see the humor though.

  5. Nice blog, Fish-Cop! Good reading :-)

  6. Great list. :-)

    #10: Alternatively, you could suggest that Billy carry around a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate order).

  7. Thanks for checking it out everyone...DNR- Do Not Resuscitate...DNR- Does Nothing Right...

  8. bwahahah...great list! I HATE, HATE #1. I hear that crap all the time. I started giving them a quarter and say "well, here's your contribution to my salary so now you don't pay my salary" and walk away, haha. I also ask "so then, let's talk about a raise....which us state workers haven't seen one in 6 years..."

  9. Those are ridiculous. I applied for one warden position (NC) out of wildlife school and after awhile, thought better of it.

    Why? I'm too much of a wuss to put my neck on the line for some ignorant poacher who'd rather shoot me than get his 115th ticket for killing over his limit.

    Kudos to you for getting it done. I don't know about your state, but in Maryland they (state legislature, along with hiring practices, along with the courts) make it awful difficult for good game wardens to be effective. In Maryland, they even cancelled the state park rangers program and now the game wardens have to do all of those duties, too. Put out that campfire, son! (as workboat pulls away with 600lbs of illegal fish).


  10. Just found the blog and enjoy it. This list had me smiling. great way to start my day.

  11. Howdy from Colorado. I think we all need to share 'blogs' Im a Colorado officer and just started writing at

    I enjoyed your posts. canI subscribe??
    Keep your powder dry.
    Buck J Snort

    The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  12. Awesome Buck Snort! I haven't been able to find any more officer's blogs! I added you to my blogroll and look forward to reading. I need to get back to posting more often. I've been so busy it is hard to keep up. Anyway- looking forward to talking with you.

  13. Nice Blog. Friends if you are interested in becoming a Game Warden then first acquire your Degree.

  14. I wish I could be a warden, my eyesight is too bad for California. You guys do a thank less job. Thanks for protecting the land I love.

  15. Great post, I heard all of those except #5 back when I was a game warden. My favorite was when people around the city thought we were animal control all the time.

  16. I love the "I Pay your wages" comment, erm no you don't I'm an unpaid volunteer reserve and your still getting a fine.

  17. I just found your blog today and I can't stop reading all the stories you have to tell. Keep up the good work of protecting Mother Nature :)

  18. As a Wyoming warden I can relate. My favorite in this state is.."its a woman with a gun! Better not piss her off" or "They give you girls guns too?" The "equality state" is still trying to wrap its head around female wardens.

    1. HAHAHAHAH!!! I hear that one here in Wyoming all the time too. ;) Was about to add my comment when I saw that you beat me to it.

  19. Holy hell you are whiny. Look at it from the other side, at least in Montana. I get that you are tired, maybe frustrated - however, I have had far too many interactions with rude game wardens to give a crap about your feelings. Snatching the shotgun from my hands after jumping out of some brush, cutting across my fishing line in your boat to check my license, scratching my truck with something on your belt because your fat ass couldn't lean into the bed to check a tag. At no point was I breaking any rules nor have I ever been cited for anything. In my world, you provide no value and just impede the citizenry. You have no place to act like a prison guard.

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