Thursday, January 12, 2012

Til Death Do Us Part- A Deer Poaching Story

Sometimes I just plain don't understand people. This little, elderly, balding man fell into that category. All I know, is by the time I heard my neighboring officer fill me in on "Bob's" (fake name to protect the idiot)background, I REALLY wanted to pinch him for spotlighting.

Turn's out that Bob found himself in a bit of hot water about five years ago. At that time my neighboring officer cited him for killing a deer over bait (illegal in this state). My neighbor (I will call him "Scott") received a tip from Bob's WIFE that Bob had poached a deer.

When Scott was telling me this story, I was a little surprised that Bob's wife had turned him in. Ex-wives and  ex-girlfriends make pretty good witnesses, but rarely current wives. So I asked Scott if Bob and his wife ("Nancy") were still married. Scott replied, "Nope. Nancy died 3 weeks after she turned him in."

Now I was interested.

Here is the story:

The one thing that Nancy took pleasure in was feeding "her deer" a bucket-full of corn every day. She filled her bucket, took it out to the backyard and scattered it around. The deer would come into the yard every day and devour the corn while she watched from the kitchen window. She LOVED the deer. But especially loved a small doe that she had nicknamed "Sweety". Sweety was especially trusting, and was never spooked if Nancy decided to step out onto the back porch to watch her eat the corn.

One day Bob decided that he wanted to kill a deer. He is the type of guy who always obtained the really cheap "landowner" licenses. And he was known to spotlight deer at night by driving around his cornfield and shining a beam out the window. My neighbor Scott had been working on him ever since receiving a call from one of his neighbors a few years back, but so far hadn't had luck catching him hunting by artificial light.

I'm sure you have guessed the end of the story by now, so I will cut to the chase. Bob decided to step out onto the back porch one day while Sweety was partaking of Nancy's corn, and put a slug through her head. Nancy was walking into the kitchen when she heard the shot. She was upset (to say the least) and called Scott to report the poaching.

Scott arrived at the house to find Sweety hanging from the tree in the front yard with Bob's landowner tag attached to her leg. He went to the door and found a haggard, gaunt, tired-looking woman with tears in her eyes. She led Scott to the attic where she had hidden Bob's still-loaded Remington 870. She handed it over to him and told him the details of the incident.

Nancy went on to tell Scott that she had been diagnosed three months prior with terminal cancer. The doctors had given her just a few months to live. Feeding Sweety and the other deer was truly the one thing she lived for each day. Her husband took away the one pleasure she had left in life.

Turns out the doctors were right. She died from cancer three weeks after the poaching incident.

After Scott told me told me this story I started to think a lot about marriage, love and human decency. What could have been so wrong, that this man would kill his dying wife's "pet" deer. It is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. And it seems to run much deeper than my husband "Red's" assessment that "He must not have liked her much."

Scott and I sat on top of a hill overlooking Bob's cornfield and watched him pull out of his driveway and slowly drive around the field. We could see his head crane from side to side, obviously on the lookout for deer. But, it was still light enough that he didn't break out the spotlight, and didn't kill a deer. Scott assured me that it is just a matter of time before he catches him. I just hope I am there when he does.

I just don't get it.


  1. It's amazing how many ways the human race has figured out to break our hearts.

    1. That's really sad.The woman had to have been a saint to stay with somebody like that.If you actually gaze at it,it's actually household misuse in its purist form.Hope you nail him to the partition someday,he respects nothing in my opinion.
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  2. Very sad indeed. Sometimes even humans lack a sense of humanity.....

  3. I must start by saying I LOVE the new header. It's priceless! What a sad story. I feel so sorry that this poor woman did not have a few years away from abuse because that is the only way I see it. He is an abusive prick and maybe someday, he will meet the end he justly deserves.

  4. Thanks for the compliment on the header! And it is a sad story. I think Hanover said it perfectly- sometimes humans lack humanity. Thankfully the majority of people I deal with aren't pricks to this degree. Thanks for reading.

  5. Sad story, too bad what is done can not be undone. I think I need to hug myy wife now...

  6. some people have no clue, nice setup on your blog page btw

  7. This sad story probably tells more about the quality of life for the poor deceased woman than we will ever know. This wasn't the first time he broke her heart or abused her in some way!

  8. What a horrible man and how sad for that poor woman at the end of her life.

  9. Thats really sad.The woman had to have been a saint to stay with someone like that.If you really look at it,it's really domestic abuse in its purist form.Hope you nail him to the wall someday,he respects nothing in my opinion.

  10. The diverse mix of stories that you have to tell through encounters in your daily work never cease to amaze me. Some funny , some sad like this particular one and a good number of them where you just have to say what the @!??%# was that person thinking!! Really enjoy your blog....Jeff

  11. I'm frightened by the cruelty of some people. Horrible

  12. I would say I'm shocked, but I shouldn't be. Those people willing to break laws don't seem to have regard for anyone or anything, even one's own dying spouse. Unreal. May she rest in Peace. I hope you succeed in your hunt for Bob.

  13. Sentimental story i can not believe sick man.

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