Quotations (funny and otherwise)

"It speaks to me of intamcy as well, reminds me to look closely at the world. As in life, you never really know what it is you have until later, upon reflection." ~Jim Brandenburg
"Let those who can stand a little silence find other people who like silence, and create silence and peace for one another."~ Thomas Merton

"Going shopping with your husband is like going hunting with the game warden" ~ No idea who said this one, but it is true!

"Starlight falls upon me like gentle rain. It blows across me like a furious wind. I am soaked and shaken." ~ Chet Raymo


"It is except by the measure of wildness, we shall never know the nature of a place, and without a sense of place we shall never really make a poem, and without a poem we shall never be fully human." ~ Paul Gruchow

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