Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Note on Home Decor

Ok, so maybe there is something wrong with me. But, I left for work last Saturday morning, and stopped home for lunch later on to discover that "Red" had taken on some home decorating. Usually it is my territory. When we were married, most of his things ended up in a box stashed in a storage room. And yes, I admit I have made sneaky little trips to the storage room to rid our house of some of his possessions...one...by...one. So far he hasn't noticed.

Cruel you say? Maybe. But ignorance is bliss. Anyway, I stopped home for lunch and found that he had added this to our wall:

And I admit. I like it.

Red has built three such kayaks. The one on the wall is mine. He is a superb woodworker and really it deserves to be someplace better than hanging in the garage. Obviously the water would be the ideal place for it, but it might as well be stored where it can be shown off. It is a work of art- to me at least.

You see, I am a little picky about home decoration, so this was a bold move for my man of few words. I may be one of the only game wardens (and I hope I don't offend anyone here) that doesn't allow taxidermied things on my walls. Nothing against anyone who does like deer heads, stuffed fish etc on their walls (or I would be putting down virtually all of my friends)...I just prefer "different" things. For some reason, the idea of a deer head poking out of the wall really seems odd to me. Maybe if it was the whole deer it would seem less weird, I don't know. But we aren't going to go there. So, as it is, poor Red has some antlers in a box, and his "wildlife art", mostly obtained from various banquet auctions, in the guest bedroom.

I admit- I've grown weary of wildlife art. Maybe it is because I have attended so many banquets (Whitetails Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, etc etc), that after a while, the art starts to look the same. There are only so many prints of deer with enormous antlers, and turkeys in full strut (amidst a forest floor full of morels and Dutchman's Breeches) that I can look at before I get the urge to throw darts at them. Again, no offense.

So, the kayak was a good choice. It is unique. It is handmade by my dear husband, and it has some stories behind it. Not to mention, it is usable. Other artwork that graces our house are paintings done by my mother (an artist), drawings done by me, lots of photographs, lots of bookshelves, driftwood, some stones and fossils and a giant mess of toddler toys.

So...what is your favorite decoration in your house?


  1. It took me a while to not take offense at my wife removing all my outdoor stuff from the livingroom. I now enjoy it in my "cave". It's just a guy thing. but I do have to admit I like the livingroom looking like a livingroom. That kayak is beautiful and fits right in.

    1. I have a large very dark and white publish bordered in barnwood of The Duke, from the set of "the Cowboys" It has made its last stand in my man cave.. where it shall live forever..
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  2. I have a large black and white print framed in barnwood of The Duke, from the set of "the Cowboys" It has made its final stand in my man cave.. where it shall live forever..

  3. Bold move. I think it works. What else would you put in that spot (aside from a stuffed Tiger Shark)?

    Favorite decoration in the house is a toss-up between two Bob White prints -- "Close to Home" and "Cold"

  4. Hmmm...my favorite home decoration is a cartoon I drew of me and my wife that we had everyone at our wedding sign.

  5. I was once reprimanded to the basement with my outdoor gear but once my kids got older and involved I was allowed to take over the family room and we turned it into an outdoor theme room. Turkey tails, dear heads, hunting pictures, stuffed birds, hunter green paint and a deer themed border, a fly tying desk and a canoe.....not one as incredible as the one on your wall, a small store bought canoe shelf. :)

    If you decide to throw this canoe out let me know. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kayak looks great, I had a friend Russ Lowe shoot my wedding we had a lot of great pictures to choose from. We had our favorite blown up to poster size and mounted in a nice frame. It is my favorite.

    I think Red did good.

  7. That is one classy kayak--and yes, wildlife banquet art does all look the same, which is why I, for one, never bid on it.

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