About Fish Cop

I'm the mommy of a 4 year old girl "Chatterbox" and a 2 year old boy, "Towhead". I'm married to "Red", who also works for the Department of Natural Resources, though not in law enforcement. And I'm a state game warden (AKA Fish Cop). Sometimes the combination of a modern, liberal, woman working in a traditionally male dominated field of fish and game law enforcement, can get interesting. Though we are state peace officers and can enforce any law on the books, the emphasis is on hunting, fishing, trapping and boating laws. Because of the nature of my field, I must remain incognito to remain true to the stories told, and more importantly, to keep my job. All names have been changed, but all events are true. This is about my day to day life- everything from changing diapers to arresting poachers. This is what it feels like to be a fish out of water.