Friday, January 6, 2012

Slueth Answer

This was great! You answers were all very good. I especially like Brookfield Angler's guess of a "treasure map" or the "fountain of youth". Steve gets the award for the most detailed description- "residue traces of medicinal marijuana, bottle opener, 3 bottle caps and an electric bill to a nearby trailer court with the owner's name and address" (I wish). My all time favorite though comes from Kirk..."Hello Kitty stuff". I think it is my favorite because I am impressed that he knows such a thing as Hello Kitty exists.

But the award to the most accurate guesses belong to those of you who guessed drugs. Actually, there were no actual drugs, just this:

A nice bong made from sockets...very creative...and a corn-cob pipe (and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal).

I must admit I had visions of a stolen gun, or maybe a safe full of drugs. But most of all I wanted a box full of photos of these little &^%^$#$ shooting the pelican that we found full of shotgun pellets a few days ago near this spot.

Someone already asked how we are going to catch them. Good question. The answer is, we probably won't. But we did set up a trail cam. Here is one of the Corps rangers setting it up (can you see it?):

So, I guess we will see what happens. Thanks for all your answers!!


  1. A lock box for a deep woods bong? Really? Good thing these goons are too busy getting high to know about Geo Cashing, there are much better ways to hide and secure things. I hope they go back and get busted. Do you think it was kids who stole the lock box from their parents to hide their stash?

  2. Really sorry to hear about the pelican. I'm assuming the bird was dead on site, no possibility of rehabilitation?

  3. Sounds like Frosty was smoking dope! There goes his role model status...

  4. Daniel- I'm sure it is high schoolers. Who else would bother hiding bottles of Captain Jack in the woods. And a safe? Yeah, kinda stupid. We are pretty sure we know who it is, but we just want a picture so we can id the quads they are on.
    And Ingrid- Yep, the pelican was very dead. Im positive it is the same kids. There were a bunch of empty shotgun shells lying around their "campsite". Probably won't ever be able to prove it though...unless I can beat it out of them (just kidding).
    Brookfield- That is hilarious!
    Hello Kitty RULES

  5. Duh, I meant Captain Morgan...I know a guy we call Captain Jack.
    And Hello Kitty still RULES

  6. It seems like the more im out and about, the more things I find similar to this.. never needed weed to enjoy fishing-

  7. Well, I'm mildly disappointed in their stash! I had high hopes for something really crazy.

  8. Samantha- I agree. Very disappointed. I always get my hopes up only to have them squashed. I'll try to find something more exciting for next time :)

  9. it's amazing what people will do when left to their own devices...hope that trail cam catches something good!

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