Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Grand Prize

AJ is an idiot. I don’t know how else to describe him. The first time I heard about AJ was from his mother who called me one day wanting me to come over to her house to “scare” her son into behaving better. She was just sure he was out spot-lighting at night and needed a talking to.
The second time I met him was after the school superintendent called me to complain that AJ was skinning raccoons in the back of his truck in the parking lot of the high school. AJ not only had no trapping license, but also had a truck full of untagged traps in his truck along with about 5 raccoons.
Then there was the time that Red caught AJ out at a wildlife area off-roading through the mud and fields in a wildlife area. Red called me and asked if I knew AJ. “Yes,” I moaned, “I know AJ. Whatever he did, tell him I’ll be over tonight to write him a ticket.” I wrote him a ticket that night and thoroughly explained that he needs to keep his vehicle on the roadway.
Red caught him again- the very next day.
AJ is an idiot.
Every time his number pops up on my caller i.d. I groan and weigh the pros and cons of actually answering the phone. Every time I do, I regret it. For reasons that are beyond me, he acts like my best friend in the world. Like instead of receiving tickets every time he sees me, he is receiving a check for $100.
AJ can no longer legally drive. Anything. He is barred from driving as a result of having too many traffic tickets. But like many idiots, this doesn’t slow him down.  This past winter he was arrested and taken to jail TWICE in one day. The first time he was caught driving a snowmobile following a blizzard that left the county buried in snow and ice. A deputy hauled him off to jail, where his grandparents immediately posted bail. Later the SAME afternoon, he called into dispatch from his truck (a white beater with an orange flashing light on the roof—which is always flashing) to report a road that “needed plowed” (just like EVERY road in the county that day). The city cop arrived. Then took him to jail.
AJ is an idiot.
He called me recently to ask me if he needed anything special to be a waterfowl guide. Aside from a brain, in this state no other licenses are needed. When AJ calls he always has a list of about 25 questions that he fires at me, one right after the next.  Two of his questions this time included, “What is a woodcock?” and “Is a rail one of those brown and white birds?” I told him that he might want to bring a bird book along before he shoots anything with his clients.
Last night I went to a Whitetails Unlimited banquet. I had just finished telling another officer about AJs big plans of becoming a waterfowl hunting guide. The officer responded by chuckling and rolling his eyes. Then I sat there with Red, listening to the announcer describing the next raffle. There were four gun cases. Inside one of the gun cases was a gun. Inside the rest were other prizes, one of which was a “one day duck hunt with a local guide… worth over $200.00!” I leaned over to Red and said jokingly, “It’s probably guided by AJ.”  Red and I laughed. Not 5 seconds after I cracked that joke, the announcer said, “AJ, are you here tonight?....Well, I guess AJ isn’t here, but he is a local, experienced waterfowl guide, ready to take the winner on a once in a lifetime duck hunt.”
I stopped laughing and nearly choked on my prime rib.
Just goes to show:
1.       This particular Whitetails Unlimited Chapter should look into background checks of their prize donations.
2.       The poor fellow who “won” this guided hunt is either going to know what he is doing and figure out that his prize was really the unusual form of punishment called, “Being stuck with an idiot for 4 hours”, OR he will shoot a Kill-deer under AJs instructions to shoot a Woodcock.
3.       If I can find AJ hauling his client out to the puddle where his blind is located, I will laugh all the way to jail after I arrest him for driving while barred.
4.       AJ is an idiot.


  1. I missed your posts, but this made it well worth waiting for! Thanks...

  2. Yea, I don't know if you should be allowed to take any more family vacations! Sure have missed your great posts.

    Yea, AJ is an idiot! Sure are more than a few AJ's around this country of ours.

  3. Sorry it took me so long. For some reason I don't remember September. Between my kids, my job, and the volunteer stuff I get myself roped into, sometimes I don't have time to sneeze (or blog). I'll try to keep up!

  4. Fish Cop, forgot to mention that I have changed my blog address and also the name since you last posted. I am now the "Rainbow Chaser"

    Here is my new link:

    When you get an unbusy minute could you update my blog address and name on your blogroll.

  5. Hysterical! I really hope this kid doesn't breed...

  6. Haha! I have some family members that live in a town FULL of AJs... How's that for a nightmare?

  7. Got it Mel! It is changed and it looks like a great site. My internet service is giving me fits. I think I need a new computer.

  8. Just found your blog and read about AJ. He belongs under the category of "funny but wrong."
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. This sad story probably tells more about the quality of life for the poor deceased woman than we will ever know.